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  Air Monitoring Technology for the Future

Founded in 1998, 2B Technologies is the only manufacturer of portable high-precision, high-accuracy ozone monitors based on UV absorbance. Three of our ozone monitors are EPA Federal Equivalent Methods. We also provide portable NO, NO2 and NOx Monitors.

Our portable ozone and NO calibrators are very popular as transfer standards for field calibrations.

Please enjoy our video. Click on the panels below to learn more about each of our products.

 Ozone Monitor:  Model 202 (FEM)
Model 202
The Model 202 Ozone Monitor is designed to enable accurate and precise (±1.5 ppb) measurements of ozone ranging from a few ppb to 100,000 ppb (0-100 ppm) based on the well established technique of UV absorbance at 254 nm. The Model 202 is light weight (2.1 kg.) and has a power consumption of only 4 watts. It can be used in almost any application where much larger ozone monitors have been used in the past and in many environments where measurements using traditional ozone monitors are impossible. The Model 202 has been certified by the EPA as a Federal Equivalent Method (FEM): EQOA-0410-190  The Model 202 has been used for the past decade in ozone monitoring networks of the U.S. National Park Service and National Forest Service. It also is widely used by NOAA, EPA, Environment Canada and the British Antarctic Survey for studies of ground-level ozone.

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 Ozone Monitor:  Model 205 Dual Beam (FEM)

Model 205

The Model 205 Dual Beam Ozone Monitor™ was designed for even higher precision and faster response time than our popular Model 202. Data may be output as frequently as every 2 s, making it ideal for vertical profiling using balloons or aircraft measurements where high temporal resolution is required. For a given averaging time, the Model 205 has a higher precision (better than 1 ppb for 10 s averaging) and a more stable baseline than the Model 202. The Model 205 has all of the features of the Model 202 single beam instrument, including a real time clock; averaging times of 10 s, 1 min, 5 min and 1 h; an internal data logger; serial and analog data outputs; and a backup air pump to protect against data loss in the field. The Model 205 Ozone Monitor has been designated as a Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) by the EPA.

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 Ozone Monitor: Model 211 Scrubberless (FEM, World's Most Accurate Ozone Monitor)
Model 211
The new Model 211 Scrubberless Ozone Monitor uses the proven ultraviolet (UV) absorption method in combination with an innovative gas-phase scrubber technology to measure ozone virtually free from interferences. In the reference mode, the instrument uses the reaction between ozone and nitric oxide (NO) to selectively remove ozone from the sample. The instrument is ideally suited for measurements of ozone in heavily polluted air where interference is likely from particulates, mercury, or VOCs. The new Model 211 combines the stability of our proven dual beam ozone monitors with our selective scrubber technology to provide highly accurate ozone measurements in the most polluted air.

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 GPT Scrubberless Module™ for Thermo and Teledyne-API Ozone Monitor Conversions
Model 211
The GPT Scrubberless Module™ allows you to convert your conventional ozone monitor such as the Teledyne-API Model 400E and Themo-Fisher Model 49i, to our new, patented gas phase titration (GPT) technology. This "scrubberless" module replaces the traditional solid-phase scrubber and removes interferences from mercury, aromatic VOCs and and other UV-absorbing compounds. On high ozone days in highly polluted cities, such interferences can contribute up to a few ppb of false ozone reading. In many cases, a region can be out of compliance with the EPA's ozone standard due to measurement errors caused by the use of solid-phase scrubbers. The GPT Module reduces those interferences and thus provides a more accurate measurement.

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 POM™ Personal Ozone Monitor™
2B Tech has taken the next step in miniaturization of UV-based ozone monitors by developing the Personal Ozone Monitor or "POM". The POM has dimensions of 4 x 3 x 1.5 inches and weighs only 0.75 lb (340 g). It has a built in GPS so that ozone measurements may be logged continuously along with geographic location. By folding the optical path in the shape of a "U", it was possible to achieve the same path length in the POM as in the Models 202, 205 and 106-L and thus have similar precision and accuracy (~2 ppb). The POM is ideal for personal ozone exposure studies and health and safety monitoring in workplaces where ozone is produced.

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 Ozone Monitors for Industrial Applications:  Model 106 Series
Model 106

For industrial ozone applications, 2B Tech recently introduced the Model 106-L, 106-M, 106-MH and 106-H Ozone Monitors, where L, M, MH and H refer to Low (0-100 ppm), Medium (0-1000 ppm), Medium-High (0-10,000 ppm) and High (0-20 wt%) ozone concentrations, respectively. These instruments use optical benches of different lengths in order to accommodate this extremely wide range of ozone concentration, spanning more than eight orders of magnitude. Additionally, the Model 106-H was designed with a flow through path that can be pressurized for in-line measurements with ozone generators. The Model 106 series uses our "Ozone Monitor on a Board" technology to make the instruments more compact and less expensive to manufacture, thus reducing the cost to our customers. The 106 series is also available for OEM applications (see panel below).

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 Ozone Monitor on a Board™:  Model OEM-106 Series
Model OEM-106
For OEM applications where users want to integrate their ozone monitor into a complex system such as an air pollution measurement package, we offer an "Ozone Monitor on a Board™" solution.  The entire ozone monitor is mounted on a single printed circuit board.  The liquid crystal display and power switch may be removed and mounted outside the package if desired.  The OEM board may be purchased with one of three different optical benches to optimize measurements in three different concentration ranges as follows:

OEM-106-L     0-100 ppm with 0.0001 ppm (0.1 ppb) resolution
OEM-106-M    0-1,000 ppm with 0.01 ppm resolution
OEM-106-MN  0-10,000 (1 %vol) with 0.01 ppm resolution
OEM-106-H     0-20% by weight with 0.01% resolution

More Details:  Model OEM-106   Request Price   Find Distributor

 Dissolved Ozone Monitor:  Model UV-106-W
Model 106

The Model UV-106-W Aqueous Ozone Monitor™ uses our patent-pending MicroSparge™ technology to measure dissolved ozone in water with high precision and accuracy. Unlike most dissolved ozone sensors, the instrument does not make use of a membrane that will foul over time. Instead, dissolved ozone is measured by nearly complete sparging of ~2 mL of water with ozone-scrubbed ambient air and integrating the gas-phase concentration of ozone stripped from solution. A small correction, based on the temporal profile of ozone removed from solution, is made to account for any ozone remaining in solution. Because ozone is measured in the gas phase, interferences from particles and dissolved inorganic and organic compounds are removed, making the instrument applicable to both ultra pure water and “dirty” water, such as drinking water, which can contain a wide variety of dissolved inorganic and organic impurities and suspended particles.

More Details:  Model UV-106-W   Request Price    Find Distributor

 Ozone Calibration Source:  Model 306
Model 306
The Model 306 Ozone Calibration Source is a highly portable ozone transfer standard that may used to calibrate any ozone monitor or sensor.  Ozone is generated at any chosen concentration in the range 0-1000 ppb in ozone-scrubbed ambient air at a volumetric flow rate of 3 L/min. No external air source is required. The instrument may be programmed to output a series of up to 10 ozone concentration steps with a chosen time interval. The Ozone Calibration Source is provided with a NIST-traceable calibration, and the menu allows the user to calibrate the output to their own reference instrument. This Ozone Cal Source, which qualifies as an EPA transfer standard, is particularly useful for calibrating networks of ozone monitors in the field.

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 NO2/NO/NOx Monitor:  Model 405 nm
Model 410
The Model 405 nm provides a direct measurement of NO2 by absorbance of light at 405 nm with a precision of 2 ppb or better. The high precision is achieved by using a White cell with a path length of ~2 m. Other methods such as chemiluminescence require conversion of NO2 to NO using a molybdenum or photolytic converter to measure NOx and then determine NO2 as the difference between NOx and NO. Such methods suffer from inaccuracy due to variations in conversion efficiency and interferences from other compounds that may convert to NO. The Model 405 nm also measures NO by modulating the addition of ozone with ~100% conversion of NO to NO2. NOx is then determined by simply adding NO and NO2. A A detailed description of the NO2/NO/NOx Monitor is provided here

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 NO Monitor:  Model 410
Model 410
The Model 410 Nitric Oxide Monitor measures NO in the range 0-2,000 ppb (0-2 ppm) with a precision of ±1.5 ppb. The NO Monitor is based on our patented method of continuous titration with ozone where the depletion of ozone is measured using the absolute method of UV absorbance. An advantage over the chemiluminescence method is that only infrequent calibration is required. The Model 410 may be used in combination with the Model 401 NO2 Converter to measure NOx and NO2 (by difference) in addition to NO. Measurements are made every 10 s, and data may be internally averaged for 1 min, 5 min or 1 hr and stored in the internal data logger. Because of its smaller size and relatively low power requirement, the Model 410/401 combination is ideal for the application of roadside monitoring and for measurements of NO/NOx in remote locations.

More Details:  Model 410     Request Price      Find Distributor

 NO2 Converter:  Model 401
Model 401
The Model 401 NO2 Converter™ is a portable, heated molybdenum converter for converting NO2 to NO. When air is sampled through the NO2 Converter, the Model 410 Nitric Oxide Monitor measures NOx (NO + NO2). As in chemiluminescence instruments, the NO2 concentration is obtained from the difference in the NOx and NO measurement. This approach to NO2 measurements has long been used in EPA-approved chemiluminescence instruments. The NO2 Converter also has an internal zeroing cartridge for measurement of the instrument baseline. Periodic measurements of NO, NOx and the zero are programmable through the Model 410 NO Monitor.

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 NO Calibration Source:  Model 408
Model 408
The Model 408 NO Calibration Source™ is a highly portable source of nitric oxide in the range 0-1000 ppb. The Model 408 may be used to calibrate any nitric oxide monitor, including those based on chemiluminescence. In addition to the calibration of instruments used for air monitoring, an important application is the calibration of nitric oxide breath analyzers such as the Aerocrine NIOX® and NIOX MINO® used for diagnosis and evaluation of asthma patients. The NO Cal Source produces nitric oxide in NO-scrubbed ambient air by photolysis of nitrous oxide provided by small N2O ("Whippit") cartridges or from a lecture bottle. The calibration gas is supplied at an output flow rate of 3 L/min. The instrument may be programmed to output a series of up to 10 NO concentration steps with a chosen time interval.

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 Global Ozone (GO3) Project Instrument Package
GO3 Package
The GO3 Instrument Package provides everything needed for continuous measurements of ozone and meteorological parameters and the capability to upload those data to the GO3 database where measurements are displayed on an overlay in Google Earth. Measurements include ozone, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall. The package includes the GO3 Ozone Monitor with a silent, long-life pump, Davis weather station, weather station mounting stand, notebook computer with data collection and uploading software installed, 50 feet of Teflon-lined Tygon inlet tubing, external ozone zeroing cartridge, external battery and charger for personal ozone monitoring, filter holder and pack of 10 Teflon particle filters, associated cables and power packs, and operating manuals.

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 Black Carbon Experiment Package
Black Carbon Package
In the Black Carbon Experiment students and citizen scientists around the world measure black carbon and upload their data to the GO3 Database for online graphing and display on Google Earth. The Black Carbon Package consists of a Black Carbon Station, which samples particles onto a quartz fiber filter at a selected flow rate, and a black Black Carbon Photometer for quantifying black carbon deposited on filters. The Photometer measures absorbance at 880 nm, the same wavelength used by more expensive instruments, and provides a highly accurate measurement of black carbon. The Black Carbon Experiment is part of the GO3 Project, a K-12 educational outreach program founded and supported by 2B Technologies. Students around the world also measure ozone in the Global Ozone Project and CO2 in the CO2 Experiment.

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